Vivek R. Patel

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Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology - Neuro-Ophthalmology | Adult Strabismus
School of Medicine
Chief, Neuro-Ophthalmology
School of Medicine
B.S., University of Saskatchewan, 1996, Anatomy/Physiology
M.D., University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, 2001
Phone: Patient Appointments: (949) 824-2020; Academic Office: (949) 824-9483
Fax: (949) 824-4015
University of California, Irvine
Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
850 Health Sciences Road
Mail Code: 4375
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Eye movement disorders, advanced neuroimaging of visual pathways (MRI, fMRI), thyroid eye disease, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, demyelinating disorders
Awards and Honors
June 2019, Teacher of the Year Award, USC Roski Eye Institute

Mar 2018, Dean’s Faculty Teaching Award, USC Keck School of Medicine

June 2017, Teacher of the Year Award, USC Roski Eye Institute

June 2016, Faculty Teaching Award, LAC + USC Medical Center

2016, Achievement Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology

2016-18, Top Doctors, Pasadena Magazine

July 2015, Peer selected as a “Southern California Rising Star,” Super Doctors

June 2015, Teacher of the Year Award, USC Roski Eye Institute

June 2009, Teacher of the Year Award, Univ. of Ottawa Eye Institute

June 2008, Teacher of the Year Award, Univ. of Wisconsin, Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

June 2007, Teacher of the Year Award, USC Doheny Eye Institute
Short Biography
Board certified in the U.S and Canada, Vivek R. Patel, M.D., is Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and serves as Chief of Neuro-Ophthalmology at the UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute. His clinical practice is dedicated to the medical and surgical management of adult strabismus, and the full spectrum of neuro-ophthalmologic disorders. Dr. Patel is an accomplished educator, having served as a Residency and Fellowship Program Director, and has been recognized as Teacher of the Year, 8 times in his career thus far. He is active on national and international levels within the neuro-ophthalmic community and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology and Neuro-Ophthalmology Section Editor for the American Academy Ophthalmology’s ONE Network, a platform devoted to disseminating current ophthalmologic knowledge internationally. Dr. Patel has extensive experience studying structural and functional changes in the visual pathways following retinal and optic nerve injury, using diffusion tensor tractography and functional MRI techniques, and was funded by the NIH over the past 5 years to delve deeper into this emerging area of neuroscience.

Dr. Patel has been honored as a Visiting Professor 23 times, invited to lecture by departments across the country and internationally in addition to over 70 invited lectureships regionally, nationally and internationally He is the co-author of the 3rd and 4th editions of what is widely considered one of the central textbooks of neuro-ophthalmology (Walsh & Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology: The Essentials). At UCI he is eager to work closely with our faculty and use his experience in education to fully support our collective mission to uphold the highest standards of education and mentorship in academic ophthalmology.

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U01EY025864. Patel (PI). “Human Connectomes for Low Vision, Blindness, and Sight Restoration” (NIH/NEI). 7/1/2015 – 8/30/2020.
Professional Societies
American Academy of Ophthalmology
North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (NANOS)
Canadian Ophthalmological Society
Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology
AAO ONE network
American Board of Ophthalmology: Examiner & Question Writer
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons: Neurology Examiner
Other Experience
Residency in Ophthalmology
McGill University —2006
Fellowship in Neuro-Ophthalmology
University of Southern California/Doheny Eye Institute —2007
Research trainee, Department of Neurology
Johns Hopkins Hospital —1997
Chief Resident, Department of Ophthalmology
McGill University —2006
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