About the Faculty Profile System

UCI's Faculty Profile System is a centralized and searchable information resource that showcases faculty members' work on individual profile pages that include their research focuses and publications, degrees, and honors and grants, among other types of information. Designed to help faculty develop sources of support for their work, Faculty Profiles also increases accessibility for collaborators, students, and the community. Searches can be done by name, department, keyword or full text data fields. Phone numbers and e-mail links are built into each record for easy communication, as are links to personal or departmental web pages. The system is used by:

Faculty members are invited to update or add their profiles to the UCI Faculty Profile System by following the instructions on the "For Faculty" page. Members of the public, and of other offices on the UCI campus, are invited to search the Faculty Profiles by following the instructions on the "Search Tips" page.

If you have questions about the UCI Faculty Profile system, please contact (or-web-support@uci.edu).