Bernadette M. Boden-Albala

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Director and Founding Dean of the Program in Public Health
Public Health
Professor of Health, Society, & Behavior
Public Health
Professor of Neurology
School of Medicine
Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Public Health
B.A., Queens College, CUNY, New York, NY, 1989, Anthropology
M.P.H., Columbia University, School of Public Health, New York, NY, 1991, Tropical Medicine/ Epidemiology
Dr.Ph., Columbia University, School of Public Health, New York, NY, 2002, Sociomedical Science
Phone: (949) 824-5735
University of California, Irvine
3082 Anteater Instruction & Research Building (AIRB)
Mail Code: 3957
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Social epidemiology, social determinants of disease, stroke and cardiovasular disease prevention and mortality, health disparities, global health, social support, social networks
Academic Distinctions
2019- Director and Founding Dean, Program in Public Health, College of Health Sciences, UCI, CA
2019- Professor, Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention and Department of Epidemiology, Program in Public Health, College of Health Sciences, University of California, Irvine (UCI), CA
2013-2019 Senior Associate Dean for Research and Program Development, Global Public Health, NYU, NY, NY
2013-2019 Chief, Division of Social Epidemiology, Global Public Health, NYU, NY, NY
2013-2019 Professor of Public Health, Neurology, and Dentistry, Global Public Health, New York University (NYU), NY, NY
2012-2013 Associate Professor Department of Health Evidence and Policy, Department of Neurology Institute of Translational Epidemiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY
2012-2013 Chief, Division of Social Epidemiology Department of Health Evidence and Policy Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY
2007-2012 Director, Community Engagement Resource, Columbia University CTSA
2003-2007 Faculty, Neuroepidemiology Training Program
2003 Assistant Professor of Sociomedical Science in Neurology Columbia University, New York, NY
1994-2003 Sr. Staff Associate/Research Director, Stroke Division, Columbia University
Research Abstract
Dean Boden-Albala is an internationally recognized expert in the social epidemiology of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Over the past 15 years, her robust research portfolio has focused on defining and intervening on social determinants of disease, including the role of sex, race-ethnicity, socio-economic status, social support, stress, and social networks on stroke disparities and patterns across the U.S. and globally. As Principle Investigator, she has led numerous large stroke prevention studies in urban and rural communities and has a wealth of knowledge and experience leading community level health assessments and interventions. Selected interventions include: SWIFT, a hospital-based stroke preparedness intervention; ASPIRE, a stroke preparedness study in Washington D.C.; and DESERVE, a discharge secondary stroke prevention intervention. In addition to her clinical interventions, Dr. Boden-Albala is PI of the National Initiative for Minority Involvement in Neurological Clinical Trials (NIMICT), supported by NINDS/NIMHD, which has built a toolkit of materials to improve racial-ethnic minorities’ and women’s participation rates in neurological clinical trials. She was also a PI for the Alaska Native Stroke Registry (ANSR), which was designed to screen and capture all stroke cases between 2005-2009 through its integration into the existing Tribal Health System infrastructure. Her work has extended internationally to a collaborative effort between the American Heart Association and the Grenada Ministry of Health to develop and evaluate novel community- and policy-based interventions for cardiovascular disease prevention in Grenada. She was also MPI of an exploratory project in Ghana to assess gaps in lay knowledge of primary and secondary stroke prevention, stroke treatment and recovery. Finally, her work in global chronic disease prevention has included a World Health Organization project that sought to identify the optimum social networks for promoting health policy dialogue in Moldova. In addition to her broad research experience, Dr. Boden-Albala previously served as Senior Associate Dean of Research and Program Development at New York University College of Global Public Health. In this role, she co-created courses with UNICEF and the United Nations World Food Program focused on innovative solutions to Ebola and Polio response and exploring a system's approach to food access. She also developed the Cross-Continental MPH, a one-year program that combines classroom learning, collaborative research with faculty mentors, and public health practice experience across three continents.
Awards and Honors
2019 Inducted into the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, NYU Chapter
2018 -2019 Faculty member, College of Dentistry WHO Collaborating Center for Quality-Improvement, Evidence -based Dentistry (QED WHO CC)
2016- 2019 Global Institute for Advanced Study (GIAS) Scholar, NYU
2013 Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
2013 Invited Attendee, United Nation, NCD Alliance Vision for Health, Panel Discussion, “Healthy Planet, Healthy People”
2012 Princeton Conference for Cerebrovascular Disease: “Evaluating Behavioral Interventions for Stroke,” Cincinnati, Ohio
2011 Guest Speaker, New York State Minority Health Council
2011 YMCA National Community Forum on Diabetes Prevention: “The Preventable Epidemic: Community-based Solutions for Tackling Prediabetes”
2011 Workshop Speaker, Institute of Medicine sponsored “Public Engagement in the U.S. Clinical Trial Enterprise-Collaboration with Mount Sinai Department of Health Evidence and Policy”
2010 Visiting Scholar, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
2010 National Stroke Council Liaison, Behavioral Research for the American Heart Association
2009 Triangle Project (chosen by CCNMTL) for integration of technological innovation linking classroom teaching, research and community (shared with Dr A. Cohall)
2009 Appointed by NINDS as an advisor for SPIRP focused on Vascular Risk Reduction among First Nations Peoples in Alaska
2008 New York Presbyterian Ladies Auxiliary Research Scholar
2008 Spotlight Speaker, American Heart Association
2008 Centennial Scholar, New York Presbyterian Hospital Auxiliary of the Columbia University Medical Center
2007 Visiting Professor, Department of Neurology University of Michigan
2006 Honored for Scientific Enrichment, Department of Education, Dominican Republic 2005 Invited Plenary Speaker, AHA Stroke “Metabolic Syndrome”
2005 Invited Plenary Speaker, NSA Southwest “Translating knowledge into behavioral Change”
2005 Invited Plenary Speaker, NSA Southeast Region “Metabolic Syndrome as a novel stroke risk factor”
2002 Frist Recipient, AHA Women with Heart Stroke Grant
2001 First Recipient Women with Heart AHA Grant
2000 Jack Elinson Socio-Medical Science Awar
Short Biography
Dr. Bernadette Boden-Albala is the Director and Founding Dean of the Program in Public Health. She is a social epidemiologist and Professor of Population Health and Disease Prevention as well as a Professor in the Departments of Epidemiology and Neurology at the UCI School of Medicine in the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences at University of California, Irvine.

As the Director and Founding Dean of the Program in Public Health, Dean Boden-Albala is honored to be working with faculty, students and staff in Public Health and across the university to make the exciting transition from a program to school. There are several reasons why Dean Boden-Albala was motivated to come to UCI. She was inspired by the commitment of the UC system to achieving quality in education that is accessible and affordable; she was intrigued by the large, diverse and unique undergraduate program in public health at UCI; she was excited by students and their commitment to healthier communities here and abroad and was touched by the staff’s strong demonstration of dedication to faculty and students; Dean Boden-Albala encouraged the is campus-wide enthusiastic support to create a new school and was motivated by the faculty’s commitment toward social justice, academic excellence and passion for the growth and transition of this program to a world class school of public health.
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1U19NS1153888-01 Rost (PI) 2019-DISCOVERY: Determinants of Incident Stroke Cognitive Outcomes and Vascular Effects on Recovery Large prospective study to unravel the mechanisms of post-stroke cognitive disability, early recovery after stroke, and potential targets for personalized prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation Role: Co-Investigator
U01NS080168 Brott (PI) 2018- CREST-2: The Carotid Revascularization and Medical Management for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Study Multi-center randomized clinical study designed to compare two procedures to intensive medical management in patients without recent stroke and without stroke warning signs Role: Co-Investigator
New York University Provost Office Boden-Albala (PI) 2016-2017 Stroke Prevention through Social Networks Pilot Study Pilot study assessing the feasibility of a family/friend network based secondary stroke prevention intervention using a web application (FURRThER) Role: PI
New York University Provost Office Boden-Albala (MPI) 2015-2016 Exploring Primary and Secondary Stroke in Ghana: An Assessment of Burden and Treatment Resources and Needs Exploratory project to assess the gaps in lay knowledge of primary and secondary stroke approaches, stroke treatment and recovery in Ghana Role: MPI
World Health Organization Boden-Albala (MPI) 2015-2016 Social Network Analysis to Measure the Contribution of Investments on Health Policy in Moldova Social network analysis in Moldova to examine the intensity of relationships among actors in the national health sector and between those actors and officials, who create health policy Role: PI
1U10NS086531-01 Boden-Albala (MPI) 2013-2019 The New York City Collaborative Regional Coordinating Stroke Center (NYCC-RCC) MPI: Boden-Albala Develop and lead a multi-institutional stroke network to test prevention, treatment, and recovery clinical studies in multi-ethnic communities. Role: PI
1U24MD006961-01 Boden-Albala (PI) 2011- 2018 National Initiative for Minority Involvement in Neurological Clinical Trials (NIMICT) The goal was to use innovative methodology to identify and provide strategies for optimal enrollment of minority populations in neurological trials and studies, including the completion of a global recruitment toolkit. Role: PI
3P50 NS049060-07S1 (Boden-Albala: Project 2) 2011-2017 Discharge Educational Strategies for Reduction of Vascular Events (DESERVE): New York Columbia Collaborative Specialized Program of Translational Research in Acute Stroke (SPOTRIAS) Evaluate whether a multi-level prevention discharge intervention results in optimum risk reduction strategies with a focus on improved medication adherence, patient physician communication, and risk perception. Role: PI
1R01 NS072127-01 Boden-Albala (MPI) 2011-2014 Developing Optimal Dynamic Behavioral Intervention in Community-Based Studies Develop, validate, and disseminate statistical methods to identify optimal dynamic behavioral intervention for stroke prevention based on data from randomized studies conducted in community settings. Role: PI
R25 HL105444 Girardin (PI) 2010–2018 Program to increase diversity in faculty engaged in behavioral and sleep medicine (PRIDE) The goal of PRIDE is to develop and sustain a network of minority faculty committed to pursue careers in behavioral and sleep medicine targeted at cardiovascular risk reduction. Role: Co-Investigator
2 R37 NS 029993-17 Elkind & Sacco (PIs) 2008-2014 Stroke Incidence and Risk Factors in a Tri-Ethnic Region Determine the effects of risk factors for stroke, MI, and vascular death, as well as evaluate predictors of cognitive impairment and the importance of subclinical MRI findings in a prospective cohort study of 3300 persons from 3 race-ethnic groups in Northern Manhattan. Role: Co-Investigator
P50NS049060 Boden-Albala (PI) 2004-2011 SWIFT: Stroke Warning Information and Faster Treatment Evaluate the efficacy in terms of increased knowledge and earlier times to ER in a randomized study of an interactive acute stroke behavioral educational intervention Role: PI
Other Experience
NINDS Stroke Disparities Solutions Training and Education teleconference and Scientific Working Group
NINDS INSPIRE Working Group to improve recruitment and retention
AHA National Committee on Behavior Change for Improving Health Factors, Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism and Epidemiology and Prevention
American Heart Association Stroke Council, NYC Affiliate
AHA National Committee on Behavior Change for Improving Health Factors, Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism and Epidemiology and Prevention
AHA National Stroke Council Advisory Committee
CTSA National Community Engagement Outcomes Workgroup
CTSA National Workgroups (Educational Competencies, IRB/Clinical, Regional)
NINDS SPRG Stroke Rehabilitation Task Force
NYSDOH Cardiovascular Workgroup - Pre-hospital cardiac/stroke workgroup chairperson
NE Cerebrovascular Consortium Community Education Chair
NYC American Heart Association Board of Directors
AHA Heritage Stroke Advisory Board
NYC Council on Aging
Peer Reviewer, American Heart Association, National Level
Abstract Reviewer, Epidemiology Section, AHA
AHA Operation Stroke Public Education Chairperson, NYC
Director CPMC Stroke Support Group
STOP Co-Chair, (Stroke Targets of Prevention)
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