Huolin Xin

Picture of Huolin Xin
Professor, Physics & Astronomy
School of Physical Sciences
University of California, Irvine
220A Rowland Hall
Mail Code: 4575
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Electron microscopy, deep learning, in situ and autonomous TEM, lithium ion battery, fuel cells, electro- and thermal catalytss
Awards and Honors
2022 Named Climate Action 30 by Insider
2022 Named Highly Cited Researcher - 2021 by Clarivate
2021 Burton Medal (Microscopy Society of America)
2021 MRS Outstanding Early-Career Investigator Award
2021 Beall Innovation Award in the Physical Sciences
2020 DOE Early Career Award (BES Scanning Probe and Electron Microscopy Program)
2020 UCI Academic Senate Distinguished Early-Career Faculty Award for Research
Research made to Brookhaven Lab's Top-10 Stories of 2020
2019's Top-10 Science and Technology Achievements at Brookhaven National Lab
2014's Top-10 Scientific Achievements at Brookhaven Natoinal Lab
04/2012 Presidential Post-Doctoral Award from Microscopy Society of America
08/2011 Castaing Award from Microbeam Analysis Society
07/2010 Castaing Award from Microbeam Analysis Society
08/2008 Distinguished Scholar Award from Microbeam Analysis Society
08/2005 Cornell Walter Schonlenk Fellowship
Short Biography
Huolin Xin graduated from the Physics Department of Cornell University in 2011 and joined University of California, Irvine in 2018. Prior to becoming a professor at UCI, he worked at Brookhaven National Laboratory as a scientific staff member and a principle investigator from 2013 to 2018. His primary field of expertise lies in developing novel 3-D, atomic-resolution, and in situ spectroscopic and imaging tools to probe the structural, chemical, and bonding changes of energy materials during chemical reactions or under external stimuli. His research spans the areas from tomographic and atomic-resolution chemical imaging of battery and fuel cell materials to in situ environmental study of heterogeneous catalysts, and to the development of deep learning enabled self-driving TEM. In 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012, he received Distinguished Scholar Award, Castaing Award, and Presidential Scholar Award from professional EM societies. His work on battery materials has twice been selected as the Top-10 Scientific Achievements in 2014 and 2019 by Brookhaven National Lab. His research has resulted in more than 180 peer-reviewed publications and 1 patent, 33 of which are published in Science/Nature sister journals (corresponding author on 8 of the 33). To date, he has graduated four Master's students and three Ph.D. students. Two of his group alumni have won the “Presidential Student Award” at the annual M&M conference based on their research in Xin group.
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Characterization of the structure and chemistry of the solid–electrolyte interface by cryo-EM leads to high-performance solid-state Li-metal batteries, R. Lin, Y. He, C. Wang, P. Zou, E. Hu, X.-Q. Yang, K. Xu & H. L. Xin, Nature Nanotechnology, 17, 768–776 (2022)

A single-atom library for guided monometallic and concentration-complex multimetallic designs, L. Han, H. Cheng, W. Liu, H. Li, P. Ou, R. Lin, H.-T. Wang, C.-W. Pao, A. R. Head, C.-H. Wang, X. Tong, C.-J. Sun, W.-F. Pong, J. Luo, J.-C. Zheng & H. L. Xin, Nature Materials, (2022)
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