Matt Law

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Professor, Chemistry
School of Physical Sciences
Professor, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2006, Chemistry
B.A., Wesleyan University, 1999, Chemistry
B.A., Wesleyan University, 1999, Government
Phone: 949-824-5996
Fax: 949-824-8571
University of California, Irvine
Department of Chemistry
2127 Natural Sciences II
Mail Code: 2025
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Polymer, Materials, Nanoscience; Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics; Inorganic and Organometallic
Academic Distinctions
UCI Chancellor’s Fellow, 2015
Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher (2002-2012), 2014
Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, 2014
Sloan Research Fellow, 2013
Distinguished Assistant Professor for Research at UC Irvine, 2012
Department of Energy Early Career Research Program Award, 2010
IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists, 2006
ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator, 2005
ITRI Research Center Fellow, 2005 & 2006
Postdoctoral Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), 2006-2008
Research Abstract
We are a materials chemistry and physics group focused on the development of novel inorganic materials for solar energy conversion and storage, with a particular emphasis on precision synthesis/fabrication, carrier transport phenomena, interfaces, device architectures, and thorough structure-property-performance studies. Our laboratory develops 0D, 1D and 2D nanoscale and thin-film materials and devices for solar electricity, solar fuels, photocatalysis and optoelectronics, integrating materials synthesis and advanced structure-property studies with device fabrication, testing, modeling and optimization. Researchers in our group work on important energy-focused problems at the nexus of chemistry, physics, materials science, chemical engineering and electrical engineering in a collaborative, dynamic and supportive environment.
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Chu, X., Heidari, H., Abelson, A., Unruh, D., Hansen, C., Qian, C., Zimanyi, G., Law, M., Moule, A. J. Structural characterization of a polycrystalline epitaxially-fused colloidal quantum dot superlattice by electron tomography. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8, 18254 (2020).
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Nair, V., Perkins, C. L., Lin, Q., Law, M. Textured nanoporous Mo:BiVO4 photoanodes with high charge transport and charge transfer quantum efficiencies for oxygen evolution. Energy & Environmental Science 9, 1412-1429 (2016).
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Liu, Y., Tolentino, J., Gibbs, M., Ihly, R., Perkins, C. L., Liu, Y., Crawford, N., Hemminger, J. C., Law, M. PbSe quantum dot field-effect transistors with air-stable electron mobilities above 7 cm2 V-1 s-1. Nano Letters 13, 1578-1587 (2013).
Liu, Y., Gibbs, M., Perkins, C. L., Zarghami, M. H., Bustamante, Jr., J., Law, M. Robust, functional nanocrystal solids by infilling with atomic layer deposition. Nano Letters 11, 5349-5355 (2011).
Puthussery, J., Seefeld, S., Berry, N., Gibbs, M., Law, M. Colloidal iron pyrite (FeS2) nanocrystal inks for thin film photovoltaics. JACS, 133, 716-719 (2011).
Liu, Y., Gibbs, M., Puthussery, J., Gaik, S., Ihly, R., Hillhouse, H. W., Law, M. Dependence of carrier mobility on nanocrystal size and ligand length in PbSe nanocrystal solids. Nano Letters 10, 1960-1969 (2010).
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