Ralph J. Delfino

Picture of Ralph J. Delfino
Professor, Epidemiology
School of Medicine
Vice Chair, Research and Graduate Studies, Epidemiology
School of Medicine
Associate Director, Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute
M.D., University of Chicago, 1987, Medicine
Ph.D., McGill University, 1993, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Phone: (949) 824-1767
Fax: (949) 824-1343
Email: rdelfino@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
224 Irvine Hall
Mail Code: 7555
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Environmental epidemiology; air pollution health effects; chronic disease epidemiology; gene-environment interactions
Academic Distinctions
Dr. Delfino has served on several external scientific advisory committees for environmental health research centers at major universities, and was invited by the Office of Research at the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), to serve on the California Air Resources Board's Air Quality Advisory Committee during 2004-2006. He has served on the Environmental and Occupational Program Committee, American Thoracic Society International Conferences, serves as a reviewer for prestigious journals, is a member of Editorial Review Board, Environmental Health Perspectives, and has served as a proposal reviewer for several NIH study panels.
Research Abstract
My research and teaching focus is in environmental epidemiology. My studies have been designed to evaluate the relation of health outcomes to well-characterized air pollution exposures in potentially susceptible populations. My research group has evaluated multiple clinical, biological and genetic factors to understand the effects of air pollutants on respiratory health, cardiovascular function, oxidative stress, and airway and systemic inflammation. This is being accomplished, in part, with cohort panel studies that involve repeated measures of exposures and outcomes in subjects. Major efforts of this research are to obtain accurate and near real-time exposure measurements across the everyday life of people.

Study designs have involved following cohorts of subjects with asthma for several months, and making field assessments of lung function, and exhaled nitric oxide as a marker of airway inflammation. The asthma studies and other ongoing work employ electronic diaries and data loggers to monitor medication use, symptoms, spatial location, and physical activity. Similarly, for studies of cardiovascular health, panels of subjects with coronary artery disease have been followed with ambulatory electrocardiograph and hourly blood pressure monitoring, and with repeated blood draws for circulating biomarkers of inflammation, thrombosis, and oxidative stress. For both studies of asthma and cardiovascular outcomes, pollutants linked to traffic emissions and photochemically-related pollutants have been associated with health outcomes.

Current research is to explore the effects of air pollutant exposures on leukocyte gene expression in several key biological pathways including NF-kB activation, cytokine and chemokine-mediated signaling, coagulation, Nrf2/ARE-mediated oxidative stress response, and xenobiotic metabolism. I am also evaluating whether polymorphisms in genes involved in oxidative stress and other responses modify associations between air pollutants and health outcomes. Major ongoing research efforts are to better characterize the pollutant chemicals and particle oxidative potential that are responsible for exposure-response relations, and to evaluate the health effects of combustion-generated nanoparticles from traffic sources as compared with larger particles that dominate US EPA-regulated ambient particle mass.

Overall, my findings are generating new data on susceptibility to the adverse effects of air pollutants and the role that toxic pollutants in urban air play in respiratory and cardiovascular health.
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