Margaret M. Miles

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Edward A. Dickson Emerita Professor of Art History and Classics
School of Humanities
Ph.D., Princeton University, Classical Archaeology
University of California, Irvine
Department of Art History
2331 Humanities Gateway
Mail Code: 2785
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Greek and Roman Art, Architecture and Archaeology; Cultural Heritage and Cultural Property
Academic Distinctions
Rome Prize, American Academy in Rome; Mellon Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Agora Excavations, Athens; Resident, American Academy in Rome; Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Classical Studies, American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2008-2014)
Research Abstract
As an archaeologist, I am interested in how religion and ritual shaped architecture in ancient Greece and Italy. I have excavated in Athens and Corinth, and I've done field work on Greek temples in Rhamnous and Sounion in Greece, and in Selinous and Agrigento in Sicily; currently I am studying an early 5th c. BCE temple at Contrada Mango (Segesta) in western Sicily. In my first project, I measured and drew all the remaining parts and foundations of the Temple of Nemesis at Rhamnous and reconstructed it (in drawings). Subsequently I published the American excavations of the sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone near the Agora of Athens that was ritually linked to the Eleusinian Mysteries. I am now writing a book on Greek temples and religion during the 5th century BCE, a formative period for western culture! For another book, I am investigating more specifically temples and religion in Sicily and Southern Italy, in which I show how the cosmic views of Presocratic philosophers (especially Pythagoras and Empedocles) helped to shape the design of western Greek temples.

I am also interested in the issues of cultural property, ethics of collecting and the fate of art in wartime: in addition to my book on the origins of the modern concept of "cultural property" in the Verrines of Cicero (2008), I’ve written several articles exploring the topic further.
Awards and Honors
Aristeia Award, 2022, Alumni/ae Association, American School of Classical Studies, Athens

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Professional Societies
Archaeological Institute of America
American Philological Association/Society for Classical Studies
Society of Architectural Historians
Society of Fellows, American Academy in Rome
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Tri-Campus Classics
Visual Studies
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