John M. Liu

Picture of John M. Liu
Professor Emeritus, Asian American Studies
School of Humanities
Professor Emeritus, Sociology
School of Social Sciences
PH.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1985
Phone: (949 981-7024
University of California, Irvine
2057 Cannery Loop
Davis, CA 95616
Research Interests
Race/Ethnic Relations; Asian Americans; Immigration; Social Movements; Social Theory; interdisciplinarity
Academic Distinctions
Founding co-editor of the Journal of Asian American Studies; President-elect, Association for Asian American Studies
Research Abstract
Prof. Liu came to UCI in 1985 and retired in 2010. Besides his principal interest in Asian American populations, his fields of specialization include race/ethnic relations, public policy regarding immigration and economic development, social movements, social theory/methodology and community studies. His current research focuses on the impact of recent immigration on Asian American community development, Asian American Asian American populations in the U.S., and comparative Asian immigration to Canada and Australia.
Awards and Honors
UC Humanities Research Institute Fellow; UCI Graduate Division Award; Outstanding Professor Award, School of Social Sciences; Distinguished Teaching Award; Exchange Scholar UCLA Center for Pacific Rim Studies-Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore; Ford Foundation Teaching Fellowship.
Short Biography
Prof. Liu has been in the field of Asian American Studies since its earliest days. While at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, he helped develop AA undergraduate curriculum, engaged in major research projects, served as assistant/associated editor of Amerasia Journal, and assisted in the development of the AA Master's Degree Program as well as teaching the first MA course. Upon going to UCI, he created the Asian American Studies minor and led the development of the major as well taking a leading role in the creation of the Asian American Studies Dept.
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"Towards an Understanding of the Internal Colonial Model." Pp. 160-168 in Counterpoint: Perspectives on Asian America, edited by Emma Gee. Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 1976.
Cultural Diversity Grant; Committee for Instructional Development Grant; UCLA Institute of American Cultures Grant
Professional Societies
Association for Asian American Studies
American Sociological Society
Pacific Sociological Society
Research Centers
UC Humanities Institute; UCLA Institute of American Cultures: UCLA Center for Pacific Rim Studies
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